Hideaways Beach and the Princeville Resort

4 Mar

Hideaways Beach in Princeville is another little trek we take each time we visit. It’s easy to find and another easy challenge. All you do is drive towards the Princeville Resort and look for the small public parking lot next to the Puu Poa condos. Scoring a parking space immediately is rare, but if you don’t want to wait, you can valet at the Princeville Resort. There is a path next to the parking lot that leads to a very steep but short hill down. The trail has either rope or wire alongside, so you can hold on while you walk down. The beach is small, but completely covered by trees in one area, so if you don’t want too much sun, you won’t need to bring an umbrella down. Snorkeling and bathing are generally very good. Walking back up to civilization is great for the glutes!  Being so close to the Princeville Resort, we just have to go. We absolutely love the Terrace…It is the most beautiful setting in all of Kauai. If on a budget, you can order coffee or a drink. If not, go crazy, try the food. Elsewhere at the resort, the ‘signature’ Kauai Grill, has superb food and a nice lanai, but eating is generally indoors. The resort also has a great spa, way expensive, but their men’s and ladies room have super nice facilities, including a shower with about 17 sprays…We were fortunate–the one time we went for massage, the resort was empty–we each had these areas all to ourselves, including staff, so the service was unbelievable. We both also took the plunge in the ice bath–unreal! The resort also has a nice beach…all beaches are public in Kauai…why go if you’re not staying there? Pool, poolbar, and our guilty pleasure….’walking’ to Hanalei Bay. Little known fact…you can walk along the shoreline from the Princeville Resort all the way to Hanalei Bay.  How dry you will be depends on tides and general conditions. You should only attempt this in ideal conditions and you can always turn back if uncomfortable.

Queen’s Bath in Princeville Kauai Hawaii

26 Feb


Waterfall near Queen's Bath

One thing we always do when in Kauai is visit Queen’s Bath. Usually we walk from our place–its off Punahele Rd. in a residential neighborhood. There are about 10 parking spaces, but in gorgeous weather, you’ll be fortunate to find parking right away. We walk from our place through the golf course and enter the practically unmarked trail and start down. The trail is an easy challenge…i.e. watch your footing. There are lots of guava trees overhead and a stream on the side. You will also see signs about death…referring to jumping off cliffs, not walking. At the end of the trail, turn left – avoid the temptation to dive into the first pool you see–and walk along the lava shelf 300 yards or so to the Bath. Prior to the Bath, you will see another very alluring pool off a cliff, where young kids without a care in the world dive in, in perfect conditions. This pool often has several sea turtles swimming around. In perfect conditions, the water is pristine but it’s like suction, and with each wave, the water level rises and falls at least three feet, and that’s when conditions are perfect. Queen’s bath is next and you need to climb down some rocks to get there. In perfect conditions, the water is calm and there aren’t huge waves crashing on you. There are tiny fish, so you can snorkel around. If conditions are not perfect for bathing, you can still walk further along the lava shelf and explore. Just stay far away from cliffs when the conditions are less than ideal. On the way back up the trail, you’ll come to a waterfall, which is perfectly refreshing for rinsing off and for photo ops. Don’t go in barefoot though…it’s always useful to have aqua socks or all terrain sandals on hand for any impromptu hiking involving water.  Back at the top, we’re usually starving and walk to the Princeville Resort, go to the Terrace–the most stunning place to eat in all of Kauai–and take in the views, food and drinks.  More on the Princeville Resort, beach etc. in a future blog.

Hello and Intro to Our Kauaidreamin Blog

18 Feb


The main purpose of this blog is to promote our vacation rental in Princeville Hawaii (Kauai), found on the web at http://www.kauaidreamin.com. I won’t be writing so much about the rental–you can view the website, ask questions about it, etc. We’ve owned our rental since 2006. We purchased it on our honeymoon. Visiting ImageKauai about twice a year has changed our lives. We have this whole other world of adventure, friends and great times.  I often say that Venice is the best place in the world, but for sure, Kauai is the second best.

This blog will primarily focus on the things we love to do when in Kauai, news of note or TBD. It won’t be a step by step –here’s what to do there–half the fun is discovering for yourself–but rather some direction on Sure Things–at least to us.  Kauai was the first Hawaiian island and will be the first to sink into the ocean in a few million years–so what are you waiting for???